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A lot of people seem to be either shy or afraid to involve themselves with adult dating. This is not surprising at all given the often negative connotations regarding the practice. However, if you are a reasonable individual just like myself, you are going to find casual dating as both fun and exciting. I’ve been there.

I’ve been through the early stages wherein I often question myself if what I’m doing is either right or wrong. But the more I thought about it, the more I learned how to accept that this type of dating is something I will always prefer because it doesn’t put too much pressure on me or on the person I’m dating. The casual feelings we have for each other are mutual so there are basically nothing to worry about.

I like meeting people. Maybe, this is the reason why I enjoy dating so much. However, as I’ve grown older, I started to prefer dating people with no strings attached. Basically, what this means is that I get to meet people and go out with them without the added burden of commitment. You see, most of the problems that arise among people who are dating are caused by their insistence that they commit to each other.

We all know that this is very hard to do. Men are men and women are women. Both are susceptible to cheating or outside affairs. You won’t be having these problems if you engage in NSA dating. You both agree that you are seeing each other with the absence of commitment. Thus, both of you still have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can date other people if you want. This is the beauty of adult dating and the number one reason why I embraced it. I don’t have to worry where the other person is or what he’s doing.

I’ve met a lot of people through casual dating and my experiences have taught me countless lessons. Among the most valuable of these lessons is that we should focus on finding companionship instead of commitment. As I mentioned earlier, commitment can ruin the bond between two people. That’s why I’ve always make it a point to ensure that the person I’m meeting for dinner or for a movie share my sentiments. That I’m seeing him not for a committed relationship but for a no strings attached relationship. This is very important. If the other person is looking for something else, then I throw in the towel.

With the experience I have in the adult dating scene, I’ve decided to share everything that I’ve learned with you in this blog. The dating world can be a very confusing maze of obstacles if you have no idea what you are doing. There’s no ultimate guide on how to navigate such a maze but there are certain things that can be followed to ensure a better dating experience. You can still meet people and have fun without having to worry about things like commitment or the other person being jealous.

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Larry Byron