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Is Online Dating Destroying Love

How Online Dating is Killing Love and Romance

Today, when you think of romantic relationships over the internet, online dating sites obviously come to your mind. And now, many relationships have started through online dating. But the question is, does it fulfill our dream of finding true love or is it shattering our cherished ideal of romance?

Search For Love Or Sex?

From experience internet dating seems to have the dream true love to offer, but casual sex is the aim for many. This is very much the case in the UK, where many people prefer casual sex and nsa dating to serious romantic relationships. This has thus fundamentally changed the idea of what true love is all about. This criticism is not at all intended. But truth is, this form of dating is flawed by the fact that it puts more emphasis on the features of a person rather than their personality. It takes dating from the idea of knowing the person to establish a stable and committed relationship to just a fling.

As millions of men and women across the world log on to look for love online, the very nature and intention of romance for long-term commitment slowly becomes a thing of the past. This is because going out with someone you just met online has left most men and women on a never-ending search for that perfect partner. One thinks to themselves, “A few more and I will find the right one” but the search goes on and on.

Change In The Dating Scene

Striking evidence shows that the web has caused a lot of social change. In the last millennium 72% of couples around the world met each other at schools, at work, through family or via friends. Now the internet and its revolutionary effects have made it easy for us to contact people that we do not even know.

Traditionally, women had the opportunity to have at most one or two boyfriends before they got married. Today women seek to date as many men as they can, all in search for that perfect partner. The internet clearly offers this opportunity to tryout as many partners, while it offers little incentive to try and work things out if things get tough. This is obviously destroying love and the ideals that love seeks to embody in a relationship.

Internet Dating and Commitment Issues

Online dating begs the question whether matching you with great people is becoming so efficient and thrilling that marriage will become absolute. When you start going out with someone, there should be a clear intention of the relationship that should be, commitment should always be the goal. But it seems as though internet dating is slowly changing people`s resolve on whether commitment is desirable. Furthermore, it holds a huge business opportunity. It is, therefore, easy to understand why many of these dating websites have an interest in not wanting people to settle down. Clearly, people’s attitude towards finding true love has changed.

Finally, online dating can be very disappointing. Looking at peoples profiles, you can get a completely different idea of who they are. Someone with experience knows that most of these profiles only give the flavor of the person and once you meet personally, only then can you ascertain if the profile matches these people. People also have different expectations as it tends to prevail in many matters of life, so, in the long-run you could end up with a series of disappointments and wrong perception of love.