Casual Dating Explained

Nuts And Bolts Of Casual Dating Explained

Serious relationships often begin at dating level. However, it is also important to note that dating also progresses from one stage to another, until it blossoms into a serious bond. If you are involved in casual dating, it means you are open to any new relationship because you are on the lookout for a right partner. It simply means there are no strings attached: no serious talks, no pressure to commit, and no breakup.

Loking For Sex

The field remains open and level for both of you to simply get to know each other and nothing much. Here are some tips to go about the game.

Get As Many Contacts As Possible

If you are just beginning to date casually, you need to hook up with as many partners as possible. You may meet a preferred choice anywhere, including elevators, restaurants, or shopping malls. After striking a conversation or simply a pep talk, remember to ask for contacts. This may be a business card or phone number.

Having as many partners when you’re dating helps you eliminate partners more easily. Therefore, it is advisable to have partners of different looks and personalities in your circle.

Be Honest About The Game

For a successful casual dating, it is important to reveal your intentions to your partner from the very beginning. Let you partner know that you are not looking for a serious relationship. Let the partner understand that as much as you are being close, it may take quite a while before you allow yourself into a more serious affair. If the person is still interested, fine. If not, move on. You have nothing to lose.

Keep Your Secrets To Yourself

Remember you are not dating one particular person, but a bunch of other partners as well. To avoid sparking jealousy, keep your other dates secret. Remember you are not in a serious relationship and your goal is to find a right partner to match your personality and your needs.

Take A Clear Position On Sex

Many people believe that casual dating does not equal casual sex. Sex leads to emotional attachment and this will take “casual” out of your dating game. Even sex therapists and counselors advise those in dating game not to engage in sex. Without deeper emotional attachment, you may be able to remain in control and avoid more drama during the exercise.

However, since you are looking for a compatible partner to hook up with in future, it may add value to throw in sex into the picture. Physical chemistry plays a role in your compatibility and if you make a sound judgment (not under influence of beer) and with proper protection, there is nothing wrong to have sex without a serious bond.

Get Out Of The House

You need to explore avenues and situations with your partner of the moment. Therefore, get out of the house and go bird watching, eat in a restaurant, or play a favorite game together. Remember, going out does not mean watching movie in his house or having dinner in her house. It means leaving your normal abodes and going out for a new experience together.

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